My name is Bryan Gelderbloom and I’m a graphic designer pursuing a bachelor’s degree at California Institute of the Arts. I had a tough time finding a picture of just me to use for this about since I’m usually the one taking pictures. I chose this gif because it speaks more about me than any photo could. Here is why.

  • I very rarely leave my house without my red fanny pack. I sewed the Marlboro patch on it because I thought it was funny.
  • I’m wearing a bolo tie with a pirate ship on it which I desperately wish was haunted, but I’m not convinced it is.
  • My friends and I are in the parking lot at a vintage store that was emptied out to hold a punk show for one night. We go to a lot of shows.
  • In my jacket pocket is my Canon MC point and shoot, which I never go to a show without.
  • If you see me walking by, there is a 90% chance I’ll smile and wave.
  • We got to this show in my 1992 Nissan Stanza which I love dearly. 

To get in touch, send me an email at:
I’m on Instagram as @bryangelderbloom but also as @freeloaders_zine for my 35mm concert photography.

Bryan Gelderbloom 2020