Each year, the CalArts BFA 3 class participates in the design of the annual jazz CD that the music department releases with Capitol Records.

The idea for the design of the CD cover came from the fact that in Jazz, there are many complex layers and everything is seamlessly incorporated into one cohesive piece. The visual aesthetic was decided for my love of the set design for Pee Wee’s Playhouse, and the visuals De la Soul were using surrounding the release of their debut album. Both of these were happening around the time the first CalArts Jazz CD was released. 

I began by illustrating simplified versions of instruments commonly found in Jazz music and turned these into patterns to act as wall paper. I then carved the letters and numbers out of floral foam, to be used in the insert. Finally I built a bristol board set for all of this to live together and photographed it as the base of the design. 



Bryan Gelderbloom 2020