Freeloaders Press “Life is a Circus” 

Freeloaders Press is my multidisciplinary practice and 2020 brought forth a rebranding. Where I was once primarily focused on my concert photography, the year of no shows helped me realize my whole practice could live under the Freeloaders Umbrella.

The first release under the new Freeloaders Press name was this circus collection. For this release, I wanted to distance myself from the cheap t-shirt and zine aesthetic that Freeloaders had been known for. With this came the task of learning to use a sewing machine and navigating COVID restrictions to self fund and create a small line of apparel. For this I also got to flex my skills as the photographer, stylist and ad campaign designer. I designed everything for this from the garment bags, to the hang tags, to the thank you cards I included with every order.
Bryan Gelderbloom 2020