Known Unknown

Known Unknown is an exploration of the correlations between the existing uncharted waters on earth and the undiscovered potential of the human mind.  

This handbook is 50 pages, beginning based in scientific fact, but deconstructing throughout to uncover questions that science cannot answer. It is enclosed in an illuminated,  custom water-tight case, meant to withstand the intense pressure of the ocean floor, and printed on environmentally friendly waterproof paper. The cover has a layer of hydrochromic ink which when submerged in water reveals the cover design and more information on the book, but appears white when opened out of water. 

This book stems from an article in Live Science which stated an estimated 95 percent of the world’s oceans are still unexplored. Just as the Earth is comprised of roughly 70% water, the human brain is comprised of roughly 73% water. The brain, like the ocean has been searched and researched, but scientists are still learning about the brain’s true capabilities. This handbook is to serve as a guide to help clarify what is known, and demonstrate that even with so much existing data, at some point, science cannot answer for these known unknowns. Inspired by the Golden Record, this book aims to reach any unknown beings that can intercept and decipher the readings in hopes that there is a friendly, intelligent life form that will contact scientists and reveal all that is unknown to humans about the seafloor.  

Bryan Gelderbloom 2020