“Reware comes as a direct response to how the government has taken control of the minds of American citizens.

When President Elon Musk announced the concept for Neuralink in 2017 as a way to integrate man and machine through use of artificial intelligence connected to the brain, no one expected things to take such a dark turn. Marketed as a way to treat people with neurological disorders, Neuralink gave Elon Musk and his team access to the thoughts of the people who had his ìneural laceî installed in their brain.

Reware was created to combat the biotechnological advances that the government was releasing to the public. Initially, Reware was introduced as a cyber hacking group that would bypass government cyber security in order to help those closest to us from the governmentís control. However as need for such a group dramatically increased, more extensive research was completed, and Reware now has commercial products that will combat the effects of various biotechnological alterations.”

Brand development guide for the fictional brand Reware. Brand development guide also serves as informational pamphlet to let people free their minds of government control. 



Bryan Gelderbloom 2020