In 2015, I taught myself how to screen print in my backyard so I could sell shirts along with the zines I was making. I built a screenprinting press out of wood and door hinges and got to work. This was partially what helped me get into CalArts, so I’ve continued to design and print shirts through my time at the school. The shirts are an outlet to create the odd ideas I have in my head that may not fit in within other projects. All shirts conceptualized, designed and printed by me. 

From top.

1. Out of Sight, Out of Mind. 2019.
2. Total Garbo Baseball Tee. Front and Back. 2019.
3. Total Garbo Stacked. 2019.
4. Hamburglar stealing my Stanza.  CalArts T-Shirt Show 2019.
5. You Did This to Yourself. Black and White.  2018.
6. Alf Shirt.  CalArts T-Shirt Show 2018.
7. Sasquatch gets to relax. Must be nice.  2018.
8. Mellow Stranger, Front and Back.  2017.
9. Live Slow Die Old.  CalArts T-Shirt Show 2017.
10. Freeloaders Losing it.  2016.
11. Freeloaders OG. My first shirt.  2015.

Bryan Gelderbloom 2020